18th & 19th FEBRUARY, 2017


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1.      NAME

The Association shall be named as State Agricultural Technologists’ Service Association, West Bengal, in short “SATSA” West Bengal hereinafter it will be called as the Association.



          a)       To create fellow feelings and fraternity amongst the members

          b)      To promote the Welfare and Service interest i.e. status, pay, allowances, medical aid, promotion, security of service and other interest of the members.

          c)      To meet together periodically for exchange of views and experience for the furtherance agricultural policies of the State.

          d)      To cultivate agricultural knowledge and disseminate modern scientific principles of agriculture.

          e)      To help members and / or their families by providing monetary assistance in case of their distress for medical treatment in general.

          f)       To organise activities of social benefit like get-together, establishment of holiday homes / guest house etc. for its members and to deal with such other activities as may arise from time to time.

          g)      To advise Government in respect of formulating the agricultural policies.

          h)      To publish periodical dealing with the matter of the Association and of agricultural interest.

          i)        To take full responsibility of members and their families in case they are in administrative and / or legal problem for their activity in connection with the Association.

          j)       To remain committed and to serve as socially Accountable Contingent of force.

          k)       To act for protecting & strengthening the interest of Agriculture, Agriculturist and Farmers as a whole at State, National and International Level.

          l)        To strive for collaborate interaction & programme with the Association / Organisation working in the protection & furtherance of interests of farming community as a whole.



          a)      Membership of this Association shall be opened to all agricultural technologists’ having a basic degree in Agriculture & working under the Government of West Bengal in the Department of Agriculture. The membership of this Association is also opened to all Agricultural Officers specially those in Research service who were in service prior to the period of upgradation irrespective of degrees those officers posses and officers being directly appointed by the agriculture department in the Pay Band 4A and above, provided that :                 

                   i)   He / She shall submit an application (Annexure-I) expressing his / her willingness to be a member of the Association along with requisite entry fee. His / Her application should be addressed to the General Secretary through the respective District Secretary. On receipt of the same from the District Secretary along with the comments of the D.E.C, it will be placed to the C.E.C for approval.  The decision of the C.E.C will be communicated to the concerned applicant through the District Secretary.

                   ii)   He / She shall subscribe the membership fee as may fixed by the Association from time to time.

                   iii)  He/ She shall abide by the rules and regulations laid down in the constitution and also the decision

                         and directives of the Central Executive Committee as well as the District / Sub-Divisional Executive

                        Committee and the resolutions taken in General Meeting of the Association.

                  iv)       He / She should not be a member of any other Service Association.

                   v)       The members of the Association may opt for honorary membership of the Association only after their retirement on superannuation with the payment of one time subscription for such honorary membership as may be determined by the C. E.C of the Association from time to time. Rights and privileges of such honorary members to precipitate or to franchise in any election of the Association shall be ceased from the date of their retirement. 

          b)      Rights & Obligation of Member :

                   Every member of the Association shall have following rights and obligation :

                   i)       To elect his / her representative in any election of the Association provided his / her name exists in the voter list.

                   ii)       To raise and / or suggest items for discussion and consideration to the Central Executive Committee, District Executive Committee (DEC), Sub-Divisional Executive Committee (SEC) or any sub-committee formed by Central Executive Committee or District Executive Committee.

                   iii)      To bring to the notice of the DEC / SEC, Sub Committee his / her individual difficulty or grievances and policy matter of the Association which shall be taken care of by the DEC / SEC, Sub-Committee depending on the merit of case.

                   iv)      He / She can bring to the notice of the Central Executive Committee if he / she is not satisfied with the decision of the DEC / SEC.

                   v)      To pay his / her subscription within the prescribed time to the Dist. Secretary / Dist. Treasurer / Sub-Divisional Secy. / Sub-Divisional Treasurer or authorized representative of Dist. Secretary at his / her own initiative.

                   vi)      To perform such functions and / or to adopt such measure as will be incremental to the interest of the Sub- Divisional and / or District and / or Central Executive Committee of the Association.

                   vii)     To take part / associate himself / herself in all the programme of the Association even if this participation causes his / her personal difficulty / loss.

                   viii)    He / She may contest for anyone post in any election at all level from subdivision to central. But he/she will be member in maximum 2 (two) continuous committees i.e. Subdivision-District/District-Central. Member of Central Secretariat (C.S.) can not hold any post at District/Subdivision level as the case may be.

                   ix)      He / She should reply, respond, and appear before sub-committee, empowered office bearer, Central Executive Committee, District Executive Committee or Sub-Divisional Executive Committee

          c)       Cessation & Termination of Membership:

i) The membership of a member may be terminated / ceased if His / Her       activities are deemed prejudicial/detrimental to the interest of the Association.The C.E.C. consequent upon recommendation/appeal of the C.S. will or may directly annul or suspend a member from the membership of the Association, if it situation so warrants or demands.

                   ii)       He / She resigned from the service. He / She should remitt all dues, liabilities to the G.S. through the D.S. to that effect. If necessary, Govt. will be moved for recovery of such dues.

                   iii)      He / She fails to pay his / her subscription continuously for three months.

                   iv)      He / She violates any of the clause of the constitution.

                   v)      He / She resigns from the membership by a letter addressed to the General Secretary through the District Secretary / Sub Divn. Secy. On receipt of such letters from the D.S. along with his / her comment. it will be placed to the C.E.C for decision. If accepted, the resignation will get effect from the date of the meeting where it has been accepted. The member should however remitt all his / her liabilities dues to the Association at the time of submitting the resignation letter.

                   vi)      He / She fails to attend / participate in 3 consecutive meetings of the Dist. Unit without showing satisfactory reason of his / her absence.

                   vii)     He / She fails to observe his obligation.


          d)      i)       The Central Executive Committee shall decide depending upon the nature of the case and / or recommendation of the District Executive Committee to terminate or suspend for specific period of time, the membership of a member. A member during his / her suspension by the Association, shall not enjoy the right of membership.

                   ii)       The C.E.C. may restore the membership of terminated/suspended member provided he/she applies for such restoration in writing to the General Secretary of the Association.



          i)        Any person qualifies Clause 3(a) of the Constitution of SATSA, WB and desires to be a member of the Association, shall pay Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred) only as entry fee.

          ii)       Every member of the Association shall have to pay the subscription in advance every year by monthly, half-yearly, in installment (s) as decided in the BGM from time to time. The present rate of subscription shall be RS. 50/- per month with effect from the January 2007. In case of honorary members of the Association, one time payment of Rs. 1000.00 (Rupees one thousand) only may be paid w. e. f. January, 2011.

          iii)      Donations may be thankfully accepted from the members and well wishers of the Association.

          iv)      Each member of the Association shall have to pay Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty) only annually as Magazine Subscription for SATSA MUKHOPATRA issues including SATSA Bulletin. Membership for magazine may also be thankfully accepted from the individuals other than members of the Association against payment of prescribed subscription.



          i)        There shall be Central Executive Committee (CEC) & Central Secretariat (CS) at State level, Dist. Executive Committee (DEC) & Dist. Secretariat (DS) at Dist. Level and Sub-Div. Executive Committee (SEC) at Sub-Div. level.

          ii)       The Headquarters of the State level Central Executive Committee is to be notified by the General Secretary immediately after taking decision in the meeting of C.E.C Similarly the headquarters of DEC and SEC shall be located anywhere of the district or sub division as will be decided by the DEC or SEC. The district and sub-divisional headquarters will be notified by the respective District Secretary and Sub-Divisional Secretary.

          iii)      The affairs of the Association shall be managed by Central Secretariat (CS) at State Level, Dist. Secretariat (DS) at Dist. level and S.E.C. at Sub-Div. level with Pre / Post facto approval by the C.E.C & D.E.C respectively.

          iv)      The Central Executive Committee in or for furthering the interest of the Association shall have the power to generate and procure permanent and tangible assets, in addition to the existing ones, or even to dispose of or sale a portion or whole of those assets as may deem appropriate in any corner of the State or the Country.

v)    There shall be 20 (Twenty) Dist. Executive Committees &20(Twenty) Dist. Secretariats of the          Association for the district viz. 1) Darjeeling, 2) Jalpaiguri, 3) Coochbehar, 4) Malda, 5) Uttar Dinajpur, 6) Dakshin Dinajpur, 7) Nadia, 8) Murshidabad, 9) North 24 Parganas, 10) South 24 parganas, 11) Kolkata, 12) Howrah, 13) Purba Medinipur, 14) Paschim Medinipur, 15) Birbhum, 16) Purulia, 17) Bankura, 18) Burdwan, 19) Hooghly,20) Alipurduar. Each district unit of SATSA will be termed as SATSA (Name of the unit) e.g. SATSA, Bankura.

            vi)    Each Dist. Secretary shall be a member of the Central Executive Committee.

           vii)    Each Sub-Divisional Secy. shall be a member of the D.E.C.

          viii)    State level. Dist. level and Sub Div. level committees (E.C./ Secretariat) shall normally hold offices for two calendar years.



a) i)      The Central Executive Committee will be formed with maximum 43 (forty three) members with    following composition:

    1. President                        1 (one)

    2. Vice-President                 3 (three)

    3. General Secretary           1 (one)

    4. Joint Secretary                5 (five)

    5. Central Treasurer             1 (one)

    6. Office Secretary               1 (one)

    7. Accountant                      1 (one)

    8. Members                       10 (ten)

    9. District Secretary  & Ex-officio Member     20(twenty)

Note: C.E.C. at anytime may co-opt maximum 3 (three) members if necessary.

              ii)   The Dist. Executive Committee will be formed with the following composition :


                   1.   Dist. President                                           1 (one)

                   2.   Dist. Vice-President                                   1 (one)

                   3.   Dist. Secretary                                          1 (one)

                   4.   Dist. Joint Secretary                                  1 (one)

                   5.   Dist. Treasurer                                          1 (one)

                   6.   Magazine Secretary                                   1 (one)

                   7.   Member                                                    3 (three)

                   8.   Sub-Divisional Secretary & Ex-Officio Member - All


             Note : D.E.C. at anytime may co-opt maximum 2 (two) members if necessary.



             iii)   The Sub. Div. Executive Committee will be formed with the following composition :


                   1.  Sub-Div. President                                      1 (one)

                   2.  Sub- Div. Secretary                                    1 (one)

                   3.  Sub-Div. Treasurer                                     1 (one)

                   4.  Sub-Div. Magazine Secretary                      1 (one)

                   5.  Member                                                     2 (two)


Note : i)  S.E.C. at anytime may co-opt maximum 2 (two) members if necessary.

         ii) For districts comprising of single Sub-   Division only DEC will be functional and no S.E.C. will be formed.

         b)  i)    The Central Secretariat will be formed with President-1/ Vice President-3 / General Secretary-1 / Jt. Secretary-5 / Central Treasurer-1 / Office Secretary-1/ Accountant-1 

              ii)   The Dist. Secretariat will be formed with Dist. President-1/ Dist. Vice President-1 / Dist. Secretary-1 / Dist. Jt. Secretary-1/ Magazine Secretary -1 / Dist. Treasurer-1.

            iii)  The Central Secretariat / District Secretariat at any time may co-opt maximum three members, if felt necessary.



          a)      The Central Executive Committee vested with the responsibility of plan, programme, execution and general administration for fulfillment of the interest of the Association shall exercise and perform its responsibilities through the Central Secretariat and shall arrange for :

                   i)        Promoting the Service condition and / or welfare of the members of the Association.

                   ii)       The investment of funds and / or administration of properties and their proper utilization in the interest of the Association.

                   iii)      Regular compilation and audit of the accounts every year.

                   iv)      Convening meeting at least once in a quarter of the Central Executive Committee.

                   v)       Convening meeting once in two years interval of the General body of the members i.e. B.G.M.

                   vi)      Circulation of reports, news, magazine etc. amongst the members.

                   vii)     Framing, alteration, amendment, deletion of existing memorandum of the Association and regulation of the Association.

                   viii)    Auditing the accounts and other necessary papers of the District Committee by appointing Chartered Accountant Firm / Auditor and framing out guidelines of auditable subjects and items of audit of accounts, stock assets and liabilities.

                   ix)      To publish periodicals dealing with the matter of Association and / or Agricultural interest.

                     x)            To constitute Disciplinary Sub-Committee and various other Sub- Committees  by including members from Central Executive Committee and / or from general members as and when necessary.

                    xi)            If it is decided in any C.E.C meeting that any D.E.C. is not functioning properly, the C.E.C. may request the General Secretary for convening a general meeting in that District wherein general meeting would be conducted in presence of observer(s) appointed by the Central Secretariat. In that meeting, new committee, if necessary, will be formed by dissolving the existing one.


                  xii)      To terminate the membership of a member or suspend a member for a specific period.

                   xiii)    Shall transact business within the limit of Constitution and may be informed to General Members through SATSA MUKHAPATRA / Special Circulars.

                   xiv)    Imposing fines, damage charges on any member of the Association for any loss of assets, property, documents, records, papers of the Association for his / her  negligence, fault &  wrongful act by the C.E.C. as advised by the Disciplinary Sub-Committee to be formed by C.E.C. as and when required. Such fines and or damage charges will be realised from him.

                   xv)     Donating fund in cash or kind for any welfare activities caused due to natural calamity, mass accident etc.

          b)      i)        The Central Secretariat will act as per direction of the C.E.C.

                   ii)       The Central Secretariat will organize Associational programmes during the interim period of two C.E.C meetings. Placement and approval of CEC for programme planning & decision there of is obligatory.

          c)      The CEC may formulate sub-clauses/rules and regulations as deem appropriate within the frame work of the constitution and without impairing the sprit and perspective of the clause of the constitution.



          a)      President

                   i)        Shall preside over the meeting of CEC and programme organised by CEC and shall caste vote in case any resolution needs to be decided by vote.

                   ii)       May disallow any discussion which he thinks indecent and beyond the preview of the committee.

                   iii)      May disallow any member from speaking anything in the meeting if he thinks that behaviour or mode of speaking or contents of the speech of that particular member may hurt dignity of other members / persons or that of the Association as a whole.

                   iv)      May suspend a member from taking part in the business of the House for such time as he thinks fit.

                   v)       May adjourn meeting under special circumstances upto such time and date in consultation with G.S.

                   vi)      Advice the G.S. in any matter requiring urgent attention.

                   vii)     May entrust the entire responsibility of the General Secretary in the event of his long absence to any of the Joint Secretaries of the Central Secretariat, in consultation with the Central Secretariat.

                    viii)   Constituting Election Sub-Committee for election of the Office bearers including member of C.E.C at BGM in consultation with C.S.

                   ix)      To take decision regarding enrollment of names of any member in the final voter list as per decision of C.S.

                   x)       The decision of C.S. which will be declared by the President shall be final in respect of interpretation of any rule in the Constitution.

                   xi)      To consult with the Vice-Presidents in all aspect of activities

          b)      Vice President :

                   i)        In absence of President, Vice President-I / II / III will preside over the meeting.

ii)       In absence of President. Vice President - I , II & III collaboratively will exercise Presidential powers &       duties as empowered by the President / the Constitution.

iii)        Vice President - I , II & III shall be the examining authority in respect of the Audit Report of the district. The C.E.C will take action considering the views of the Vice Presidents in individual audit report.


          c)      General Secretary :

                   i)        The General Secretary shall act as Administrative and Chief Executive functionary of the C.E.C / Association.

                   ii)       Sign & give pay orders on all bills for payment.

                   iii)      Operate Bank Accounts jointly with the Central Treasurer.

                   iv)      Convene all meeting of CEC/C.S and BGM

                   v)       Authenticate receipt and payment in Cash Book.

                   vi)      Get audited accounts of the Association

                   vii)     Shall make over all the records, registers, books, properties to the successors through inventory and charge report jointly with the Central Treasurer and Office Secretary.

                   viii)    The General Secretary, if feels so or decides due to certain cogent ground, may tender his resignation letter to the President of the Association.

          d)      Joint Secretary :

                   i)        Joint Secretary (Organisation)

                            1)  In absence of General Secretary, he / she entrusted by the General Secretary and / or C.E.C will work as the General Secretary.

                            2)  To assist General Secretary for conducting meetings.

                            3)  To look after organisation & organisational activities in the districts.

                            4)  To draw attention of General Secretary as and when felt necessary.

                            5)  To keep liaison with Office Secretary.


                   ii)       Joint Secretary (Establishment)

                            1)  To look after the service matters of the members.

                            2)  To assist General Secretary for conducting meetings.

                            3)  To draw attention of General Secretary as & when felt necessary.

                            4)  To keep liaison with Office Secretary and Joint Secretary (Organisation).


                   iii)      Joint Secretary (Press & Pubicity)

                            1)  To shoulder the overall responsibility of Press & Publicity.

                            2)  To assist General Secretary for conducting meetings.

                            3)  To draw attention of General Secretary as & when felt necessary.

                            4)  To keep liaison with Office Secretary and Joint Secretary (Organisation).


                   iv)      Joint Secretary (Research)

                            1)  To look after the activities of Research Wing.

                            2)  To assist General Secretary for conducting meetings.

                            3)  To draw attention of General Secretary as & when felt necessary.

                            4)  To keep liaison with Office Secretary and Joint Secretary (Organisation).


                   v)      Joint Secretary (Legal Matter)

                                     1) To look after the legal matter of the Association

                                     2) To publish the final voter list of the Association

                          3) To draw attention of the General Secretary as & when felt necessary.

                          4)   To keep liaison with the Office Secretary and Joint Secretary(Organisation).

                             5) To assist the president for holding and conducting free and fair election

                   e)       Central Treasurer

                            i)        Shall be responsible for receipts,payments and to maintain necessary accounts of the Association. He shall also arrange getting the annual account audited.

                            ii)       Maintain and keep cash book, stock book, cash receipts different registers related to assets, vouchers and other registers, books, cash collection and payment and as may be necessary and instructed by G.S./C.E.C.

                            iii)      Operate Bank account jointly with G.S.

                            iv)      Prepare Budget in consultation with Central Secretariat and get it approved by C.E.C and place in the B.G.M.

                            v)       Payment beyond Rs.5000/- should preferably be made through A/c Payee Cheque. All payments are to be made on the approval of the G.S.

                            vi)      Maintain and preserve all vouchers of payment.

                            viii)    Shall make over a cash, assets, records, vouchers collection receipts (used and unused) and other papers, records as assigned by C.E.C/G.S to the successor in presence of G.S and newly elected G.S.

                            ix)      He may sought help of any member of the C.E.C for maintenance of records if felt necessary, with due approval of C.S.


                   f)       Office Secretary

                            i)        The Office Secretary shall be responsible for proper management of the office. All letters of routine nature meant for the Association shall be attended and replied. If necessary, G.S. may be consulted. But all important matters in which policy decision is necessary, must be placed before CS/CEC.

                            ii)       He/She shall receive all applications for membership which he/she shall place before CEC for consideration & to communicate decision to the applicant and other concerned through proper route.

                            iii)      Maintain & get maintained all Registers, Books, Records of the Association and also all properties which have been purchased with the fund of Association or received for Association.

                            iv)      Shall make correspondences on behalf of the Association.

                            v)       Maintain minutes of the meeting, resolution and circulate proceedings

                            vi)      He/She will forward letter/ application received to the respective Jt. Secretary for action.


              g)   Accountant

 i) Shall be responsible for maintaining necessary accounts and Ledger of SATSA Publication. He shall   also assist CT getting the annual accounts audited.Besides, he will maintain and keep subsidiary cash book, stock book and as may be necessary and instructed by C.S./C.E.C

ii) Shall assist Central Treasurer to maintain & preserve all ledger, subsidiary cash book, all other     documents/papers related to accounts of Press & Publicity.

iii) Shall make over ledger, subsidiary cash book, all other documents / papers, records related to accounts of Press & Publicity, wing as assigned by C.S./C.E.C. to the successor in presence of Joint Secretary (Press & Publicity) and newly elected Joint Secretary (Press & Publicity).

iv) Accountant will be responsible for supervision and maintenance of records & accounts of SATSA   Holiday Home.

v) He may seek help of any member of the Press & Publicity Sub-committee for maintenance of records if felt necessary, with due approval of C.S./C.E.C.

h)         i) In addition to the responsibilities developed to each member of the Central Secretariat in the                    foregoing Paras/Clauses, the Central Secretariat may entrust with additional responsibilities to any of them as deem appropriate.

                       ii)   The Central Secretariat may devolve and entrust with specific functions and responsibilities to the

            members of the C.E.C. for discharge of those in the interest of the Association as deem appropriate.

9.      QUORUM

                      i)     Quorum of the CS / DS / CEC / DEC / SEC will be with the presence of at least 51% members of the committee.

                     ii)     Quorum of the Biennial General Meeting will be the presence of at least one eighth of the total strength of the members i.e. total number as per voter list of a particular year.


          a) Resignation of Office Bearers:

       (i) Any C.S./ D.S member, except, President/ District President, if feels so or decides due to certain cogent ground, may tender resignation letter to the President/ District President.

      (ii) The President/ District President may, due to certain cogent ground, tender resignation letter to the General Secretary/ District Secretary.

     (iii) The C. S./ D.S. in its next meeting will decide on the issue of resignation of Office Bearer(s) and place its decision in the forthcoming CEC/ DEC meeting for approval. The decision of the CEC/ DEC shall be final.

    (iv) The vacancy, if created due to resignation of Office Bearer(s) may be filled up by fresh interim election for the created vacant post(s) following Clause 14 or by assigning the charge of the vacant post to any other CEC/ DEC member which the CEC/DEC decides depending upon the length of the remaining tenure of that CEC/ DEC.

                 (v) in the event of creation of vacancy in three or more posts of Office Bearers of CEC/ DEC simultaneously

at any point of time the CEC/ DEC may opt for any mechanism to fill up those posts including dissolution of the CEC/

DEC and subsequent formation of the new CEC/DEC by a fresh interim election following Clause 14 of the


          b) Removal of Office Bearers and Members:

          If the activities of any office bearer(s) & members(s) are considered as detrimental to the interest of the Association, he / she and / or they may be removed after an enquiry by the Disciplinary Committee [Clause 11(vi)] and two third vote of the members being present in a meeting of the CEC. The vacancy / vacancies thus created shall be filled up by fresh election observing clause 3(b)(viii) / CEC may give responsibility to any member as stop gap arrangement.



          a)  The Central Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committee as per provision laid down in Sub-clause a) x) of Clause 7

Note : Such sub-committee shall have the power to co-opt members as required.


          b)  Editorial Board for SATSA MUKHAPATRA

The Central Executive Committee shall have power to constitute a Editorial Board consisting of not more than five members from the C.E.C and / or from the general members for a definite period. The Editorial Board will be consisted of the following members 1) Convenor-1. 2) Editor-1. 3) Printer & Publisher-1. 4) Member-2. The convenor will be one of the Joint Secretaries. The Editorial Board shall have joint responsibility for editing, printing & publishing the journals, leaflets, booklets etc. on behalf of the Association. Any dispute or difficulties shall be brought to the notice of the Central Executive Committee through the General Secretary for final decision.


          i)       The D.S. / S.S. will act as Convenor.

District President/Sub-Divisional President will preside over the meetings and programmes of the Districts and Sub-Division respectively. In addition, the District President/Sub-Divisional President will perform the duties and discharge functions as deem appropriate and developed by the District Secretariat/Sub-Divisional Committee.

The District Secretariat may delegate and devolve specific functions/responsibilities to the members of District Secretariat as well as District Executive Committee for adherence to and discharge of activities so delegated and devolved.

          ii)       DS shall be responsible to the C.E.C and will transmit the instructions and resolutions from the C.E.C to the general members of the district and the resolutions passed by the D.E.C to the C.E.C.

          iii)      Dist. Jt. Secretary shall be responsible for proper organization and for collection of subscription / donation etc. of the district.

          iv)      The D.S will operate Bank Account jointly with the District Treasurer. The D.S shall check the cash book of the Dist. and will see that the realised subscription / donation etc. are remitted to the Central Treasurer in due course.

          v)      District Treasurer will maintain all accounts, receipts and expenditure in the form of Cash Book and submit the audited report to the Central Treasurer of the Association. He / She will sign the cash book which shall be checked by the District Secretary. The Sub-Divisional Treasurer will maintain all accounts, receipts & expenditure likewise and submit the returns to the District Treasurer.

          vi)      The D.S. shall convey meetings of D.E.C at least four times a year and encourage members to take active interest in technical matters to offer suggestion on matters relating to policy of the Association and also to bring about close personal acquaintance and a spirit of co-operation among the members. The D.S will convene District General Meeting at least twice in a year.

          vii)     Magazine Secretary will keep liaison with Jt. Secretary (Press & Publicity) and will circulate news, letters, journals etc. to the members.

          viii)    Dist. Jt. Secretary will assist the sub-committee set up by the Central Executive Committee.

           ix)     Magazine Secretary shall transact all business by circulation of paper/s and/or in meeting.

            x)    The D.S / S.S. shall deal with matter of local interest and concern. He / She will lead the deputation to meet with any head of office with a view to solve any local problem and / or dispute. All the State matter(s) should be referred to the C.E.C.

           xi)     The Dist. Treasurer will prepare annual statement of accounts in consultation with the District Secretary and place before the Dist. Annual General Meeting for approval.

          xii)     Shall receive and forward all application, views, proposals of the members to the G.S.

        xiii)      District / Sub-Divisional Committee in adherence to the fundamentals of the Constitution may procure and generate permanent and tangible assets as deem appropriate. The procedure for such procurement / generation of assets may be determined by the concerned Committee and the District / Sub-Divisional Committee for the sake of maintenance of these assets may entrust, delegate and devolve responsibilities to the members of District / Sub-Divisional Committee.


xiv) The District Secretary shall make over all records, registers, books, properties to the   successor through an   inventory.

xv) The District Treasurer will hand over cash, assets, records, vouchers etc to the successor in presence of outgoing and newly elected District Secretary.


          There shall be one BGM at every alternate year.

          i)       Notice of the BGM should be sent to all members not less than fifteen days in advance.

          ii)       Notice for any resolution or amendment(s) to rules proposed to be moved at BGM by any member(s) shall be given in writings to the DS so as to reach to the C.S. at least 30 days ahead of the date of the meeting.

          iii)      Any addition(s) and / or alteration(s) / modifications to the Rules may be done by three fourth vote of the members present in the BGM.

          iv)      Central Treasurer shall place the Budget and audited expenditure of the Association for approval of the BGM.

          v)      Extra Ordinary General Meeting can be convened by the President if two third members requested the same in writing with full signatures specifying the cause to the president.


Note :   The President will convene the General Meeting in consultation with Vice-Presidents and General Secretary or in absence of General Secretary, he may consult with Jt. Secretary (Org.)

          vi)      All expenses for conducting BGM shall be a part of expenditure of the Association and a provision shall be made in the Budget.



          i)        Election for the post of Office Bearers and Members of the C.E.C / D.E.C / S.E.C will be held biennially.

          ii)       Date of election must be fixed 30 days before by the CEC / DEC / SEC as the case may be. Date such fixed should be given wide publicity among the members.

         iii) Upon resolution of C.S/D.S/S.E.C. the President / Dist. President/Sub-Div. President will form a Election Sub-Committee consists of not more than 5 (five) members for conducting election. Any dispute that will come forward by the committee members shall be brought to the notice of the C.S./D.S./S.E.C. through President / Dist. President/ Sub-Div. President  and the decision so given by the C.S./D.S./ S.E.C.   through President/ Dist. President/Sub-Div. President  is final.

         iv) Nomination in prescribed FORM (APPENDlX-ll) must be submitted to the Convener of the Election Sub-Committee formed vide Sub-clause iii) of Clause 14 within the last date fixed for receipt of nomination.    

        v) The Jt. Secy (Election) / D.S. / S.S will issue notice to the general members for submission of                       nomination papers  within a specific date. He should also mention the date of scrutiny and date                    of withdrawal of nomination paper in the said notice.    


        vi) The Candidate, Proposer, Seconder must be a voter and regular member of the Association. Their subscription to Association must be cleared upto date on the date of submission of Nomination Paper. Photo copy of subscription receipt duly attested by the Dist. Secretary / Dist. Treasurer / Sub-Div. Secretary / Sub-Div. Treasurer / or a certificate from the DS / DT / ST should be enclosed with the nomination paper, failing which, the nomination will be cancelled.

          vii)     Draft voter list should be prepared and published on every alternate year by 1st September. Copies of the voter list should be forwarded to every district by the Jt. Secretary (Election). Prayer for correction or inclusion, if any, will be received by him upto 1st October and the final voter list for the year will be published by 1st November. The president is empowered to delete the names of retired members from the final voter list who retires on superannuation between publication of final voter list (i.e. on 1st November) and the date of election.

          viii)    The Election of Executive Committees and formation of Secretariats shall be completed within February of that calender year.

          ix)      The voting right of a member retired in between publication of final voter list (i.e. on 1st November) and the date of election, will be ceased with effect from the date of superannuation. Such deletion in the voter list will be done by the President/ District President, even after publication of the final voter list.

          x)     After obtaining the results of the election from the Election Sub-committee, the President / District

President /Sub-Division President as the case may be, will declare the results and issue the list of elected    members.

          xi)      The Association will resume and continue to perform all activities/functions during the period of electoral process for formation of various Committees. During electoral process, those usual activities, in no way, will be thwarted or ceased by any means.

          xii)     All expenses for conducting election shall be a part of expenditure of the Association and a provision shall be made in the Budget.

        xiii)    One member can contest in a Single Post of CEC , DEC & SEC subject to observance     of terms                   and conditions as laid down in clause 3(b) (viii) of the constitution.


15.    FINANCE

          a)       The Association shall have the following fund :

                    i)  Current Fund.

                   ii)  Reserve Fund.

                   iii)  Welfare Fund.

                   iv) Fighting Fund.

                   v)  Relief Fund.


          i)        Current fund :

                   The source of this fund is mainly from entry fee, honorary membership fee, levy, subscription of the members and magazine subscription. The Central Executive Committee at State level shall defray necessary expenditure(s) for the whole year from this end.


          ii)       Reserve fund :

                   There shall be a Reserve Fund of the Association which will be kept in a fixed deposit account and / or National Saving Certificate or other certificate as will be decided by the Central Executive Committee. Diversion of any amount from this fund is not permissible unless two third majority of members in the Biennial General Meeting approves such diversion. Every year the Central Executive Committee will decide the actual amount that will be deposited under Reserve fund account.

Note:          Interest accrued from this fund will be utilized only to meet expenditure(s) in connection with office rent and maintenance of the office of the Association.


          iii)      Welfare Fund :

                    Amount collected every year as donation to this fund will be accepted from members and well wisher on proper receipt to this fund. This fund at the discretion of Central Executive Committee will be utilized for the welfare of members, needy families of members and / or purchase of house / flat etc. There must be a closing balance of Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) in this account. Every member of the Association shall have to contribute to the welfare fund amount of which be decided by the C.E.C time to time. Presently Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only) is being collected annually from each member.

          iv)     Relief Fund :

                   To arrange financial assistance for the welfare of the victims suffered due to disaster or havoc natural calamities in the State / Other State / Our Country, the Association may donate an amount to the different “Relief funds” as per decision of the C.E.C. The C.E.C will decide to fix the amount of donation to be collected from the members as per need to raise the fund. Such fund will be accumulated in the “Relief fund”.



          v)       Fighting Fund :

                   Special collections to be made to raise this fund whenever necessary.



          b)      i)       The District Secretaries are authorised to print money receipt books at the district level and maintain records of such printed books in a separate register.                    

                  ii)        The Central Treasurer shall keep the account of receipt and expenditure in the form of Cash Book which will be signed by him and will be checked by the General Secretary. The Central Treasurer shall place the receipt and expenditure at each meeting of Central Executive Committee to review the position of the fund.

                   iii)      The fund of the Association, at State and Dist. level shall be deposited in Postal Saving Bank and / or at Nationalised Banks. The account shall be opened in the name of the Association.

                   iv)      All accounts will be operated jointly by the General Secretary and Central Treasurer at State level, District Secretary and District Treasurer at Dist. level.

                   v)      All the Cheque Book(s) of different funds will be kept by the Central Treasurer / Dist. Treasurer at the State and Dist. level respectively.

                   vi)      The General Secretary shall have the power to keep with him Rs 25000/-(Rupees twenty five thousand) only for meeting unforeseen expenditure.        

                   vii)     The Central Treasurer shall have the power to keep with him Rs 25000/-(Rupees twenty five thousand) only for meeting unforeseen expenditure         

 viii)    The Dist. Secretary shall have the power to keep with him Rs.10000/- (Rupees  ten thousand) only for meeting necessary/unforeseen expenditure.

                   ix)      The Dist. Secretary shall have the power to incur expenditure upto 60% including 20% for Sub-division of the collection made as subscription and entry fee from the members. All other collection should be deposited to the Central Treasurer/ in full in form-A, A/II and A/III in districts.

                 c)        Modified Accounting System will be followed as per Annexure XIV as detailed below :

                   i)        Money Receipts shall be issued by the districts against the collection from the members of the concerned districts viz. Subscription, Relief Fund, Welfare Fund, Entry Fee, Honorary Membership and Magazine Subscription. They shall also issue Money Receipts against donation received from various sectors for different activities of the districts. All these collections shall have to be entered in the district cash Book and 40% of Subscription & Entry Fee and 5% of donation as levy and cent percent of the rest shall be deposited to in  Form A to the Central Account.

                   ii)       In case of advertisement collected against the Contract Forms issued centrally for different publications, the system of accounting will be the same as Sl. No. (ii). In this case, the fund to be deposited in FORM-A/II along with Original Contract Forms.

iii)        Money Receipts to be isuued by the district units against sale of Krishi   Pustika    and credit the same

          in the Cash Book and deposit 80 % of the total sale, keeping 20% as commission in their account, to

             the Central A/c in FORM-A/III.  


                   iv)     To avoid risk in carrying cash during transit, it is advisable to deposit the collection by A/c Payee Cheque issued in favour of “State Agricultural Technologists’ Service Association, West Bengal”.

                   v)     All the collections from the members / well-wishers / Sub-divisional units to be deposited to the district fund through cash or A/C payee cheques / Bank Draft in favour of the Bank Account of the concerned district unit.


                d)     Accountant will maintain necessary accounts and ledger of SATSA Publication.



i)     The members of the Central Executive Committee, Disciplinary Sub-Committee and  other Sub-Committees shall be entitled to draw actual rickshaw , bus, hired cab and AC-III tier train fare including the reservation cost if any when they are on tour in connection with the work of the Association provided that the travelling expenses are not met from other source(s)

           ii)      In addition to the Travelling expenses members are entitled to get actual expenditure borne by him towards the cost of staying at Hotel and or meal charges provided the same is not met from other sources.

          iii)      General member/s when entrusted with specific work by the Central Executive Committee can get travelling allowances at the rate mentioned in Clause 16(i) and 16(ii).

          iv)      No travelling allowances shall be provided to the members for attending the B.G.M., district committee and sub-divisional committee meeting.

          v)      All the Central Secretariat members and all members of CEC of North Bengal, including Co-opted members or any other member/s as will be decided by the CEC, will draw travelling allowance/s from the State Fund.

          vi)    District units whose total share of subscription and entry fee does not amount to a fund sufficient to bear the TA for DS towards attending Central programme as per clause 16i ,may draw the entire amount from the Central Fund

         vii)     In districts where more than one CEC members are posted and the total cost of T.E. of Central Executive Committee members exceeds 60% of the anticipated collection, the excess may be reimbursed from the Central Fund.

          viii)    The other members of Central Executive Committee shall draw their travelling allowances from respective District Committee where they are posted, subject to the condition as laid down in rule 16 vii).


          The following Records and Registers shall be maintained by the CEC and Dist. committee.

          i)        Membership Register.

          ii)       Receipt Book.

          iii)      Cash Book.

          iv)      Stock Book.

          v)       Account for Receipt Book.

          vi)      Issue Register.

          vii)     Budget Book at State Level.

          viii)     Receive & Issue Register for letter.

          ix)      Proceeding Register.

          x)      Member register of CEC.

          xi)     SATSA BHAWAN Accommodation Register

         xii)     SATSA Holiday Home  Accommodation Register

          The forms of all such register are given in Annexure - III to XI.


18.    BUDGET

          i)       The Budget of receipt and expenditure for next two years separately for every year shall be prepared by the CT / DT in consultation with CS / CEC and DS / DEC and shall be placed in the BGM at State and Dist. level for consideration and approval after certain modifications, if felt necessary by the members.

          ii)       If CEC felt necessary for revised Budget of a year, CT / DT may prepare and act followed by post facto approval of BGM.



          i)       The accounts of the Association at State level shall be audited by an auditor appointed by the Central Executive Committee.

          ii)       The accounts of the District Executive Committee shall also be audited by a Chartered Accountant Firm / Auditor to be appointed by the District Executive Committee. After completion of the audit,  the report must be placed in the District General Meeting for approval and the copy of the same also be submitted to the CEC. If there is any gross irregularity in the maintenance of accounts, handling the cash and in expenditure and cash balance, the CEC may refer the matter to the Disciplinary Sub-Committee for detail investigation and report. On receipt of such report the CEC wiII decide the action to be taken against related members.



          The accounting year of the Association shall be from 1st April of one year to 31st March of next year.