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17. Creation of 692 nos. of additional posts of Assistant Director of Agriculture in each of the Block of West Bengal.

17.1 The Agril. Technologists working at the very grass root level since Independence has been subjected to sheer apathy and neglect. Neither working facilities (office, residential quarter) nor vehicle on permanent basis for better mobility and monitoring of projects / schemes were provided despite such provisions under World Bank Assistance during 1970. Virtually no employees, offices are run by the lone Asst. DA and few KPSs. What the Govt. or the Society as a whole can ask or more precisely expect from officer at Agril. Block level.

17.2 Presently there is only one Agricultural Technologist at the Block level working under the Department of Agriculture as Assistant Director of Agriculture, who has to perform all the statutory works like Fertilizer, Seeds and Insecticide Inspector besides looking after the office administration, implementation of a number of schemes under the Department, effective role in the PRIs for agricultural development & visits, organizing farmers meeting etc. It is imperative that it is practically impossible to shoulder such a huge responsibility for a single person to the desired level. Apart from this , ongoing Centrally Sponsored Schemes, like RKVY,NFSM,SSEPER, Macro Mode, NRAA and many others to come , would be and being implemented. It is quite absurd for the Assistant Director of Agriculture, being overburdened already, can perform those herculean tasks.

17.3 Furthermore, the Assistant Directors of Agriculture have to perform so many enforcement activities of fertilizers, seeds and insecticides in addition to technical expertise dissemination to farmers and other administrative activities.

17.4 The Association therefore, demands that two (02) additional posts of Asstt. Director of Agriculture should be created in each of the 346 blocks in the State like it has been done in case of ARD Deptt.



18. Adequate manning in Centrally Sponsored Scheme / Missions

The Association observes that there has been a spurt in Mission mode programmes launched by the GOI as well as flush of funds in the Agril. Sector, witnessing decades of long neglect. These missions activities, despite their objective of growth in Agril. Sector, has been a cause of serious troubles to the gradually decaying strength and infrastructural inadequacies of the technocrats supposed to carry on with these flagship mission. Inherently, these missions do not provide scope for adequate manning on regular basis, rather emphasizes on compulsion in the contractual appointments in various categories. State Govt., despite these compulsions, should appreciate adequate manning not by Contractual basis for sustainable development. There should be atleast a sense that the expenditure should be incurred under these missions for development purpose but not for merely incurring expenditure only. The Association therefore demands that there should be adequate infrastructure and manning on regular basis under these Mission either by GOI or State Govt. of in collaboration like permanent schemes.

19. Ensuring livelihood support and security of Farmers :

In order to ensure Farmer’s right, livelihood security providing credit at low interest, delink

credit sanction from Land Titles, securing remunerative price and participation in equal competition for Global market access.

A. The Association demands to the State Government for recommendation to the Govt. of India for enactment of the following, viz.

1. To recommend to the GOI for protesting the anti-farmer policies in the WTO in collaboration with other States and developing Countries till favorable decisions are arrived at and to provide livelihood security within a time to enable to raise our domestic productivity till participation in equal competition is secured.

2. To restrain from implementation of the SSEPER through an autonomous agency, i.e. ATMA and not to substitute the Public Extension System with private Agency. In sharp contrast strengthening of Public Extension System, involvement of and monitoring through three tier Panchayat Raj Institutions, contribution of 10% share of Govt. , non-realization of service charges from the farmers etc., should constitute the focal theme of ATMA and thereby ATMA should function in commensurate to the policies of State  Govt. and the model should not be a replica of GOI’s model.

3. To protest against all disputes/discrepancies in the proposed Seed Bill, 2004 with PPV & FPR, 2001 along with IPR and Biodiversity Act, 2002 for the sake of conferring right to the farmers as enshrined in PPV & FRA, 2001. Anti-farmers policies of Seed Bill, 2004 should be expunged with proposition of remedial measures.

B.       The Association demands to the State Government for immediate implementation of the following issues, viz.

       To constitute State Agricultural Council enabling registration of Agril. Graduates as “Crop Doctor” and thereby formation of ‘Agri-Clinic’ at least at Block level generating opportunities to the unemployed rural youth as subsidiary force.

       To recognize farmer’s School, provide support and fund for organization of the same.

       To recognize ‘Community Seed Village Scheme’ for production and distribution of seeds by recommending deletion of the anti-provisions of the Seed Bill , 2004.

       To intervene into the entire marketing chain, viz, processing, value addition. Marketing of agricultural produce for securing remunerative price through encouraging and strengthening support to co-operative marketing.

       To protect Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and entry of the MNCs in Retail marketing of agricultural produce. FDI may be welcomed towards development of infrastructure facilities, viz., cool chain etc. but in no way MNCs, neither singly nor jointly with National Partners should be welcomed into the sphere of retail marketing. We apprehend that retail marketing by MNCs may cause livelihood insecurity of millions of small traders and may have adverse effects on our rural economy.

       To protest and annul the anti-employee provisions of Pension Bill, 2004 for safe guarding the social security of the employees.

20. Provision of hired vehicle at Block level : The Association demands that provision should be made for a vehicle at all level (including Research, Seed Certification, Evaluation and Soil conservation sections) on regular basis for the movement of the respective officers with adequate allocation of fiund.


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